Photo Retouching

A picture is worth a thousand words … and maybe a thousand dollars worth of business.

You can go nuts trying to train a squirrel to hold a flower. Keep your sanity and have Ric Wallace do his tricks with the computer.


This was a live white squirrel and real flowers.

The street light in the background was removed. Spotlight effect with lens flare was added to simulate a big rock concert. The name of the band was overlaid on bottom with music symbols. Outer border of image with drop shadow was added. This image was used extensively by the group for promotion.
retouch-05 retouch-021
A new dramatic sky and a new green lawn were added to the photograph below. The top left sky matches the grey of the siding. The above photograph was taken in the fall on an overcast day. The sky shown below was taken at 5:35 a.m. above a local London Ontario donut shop. The green grass was taken from a photo of a multi-million dollar estate on the edge of Lake Simcoe.retouch-031