Website Design

How Can a Website Help Your Business?

Ric Wallace can develop an affordable website, balancing creativity with strategy, to perform the following functions for your business:
◾Showcase and sell your products
◾Provide detailed information on your products or services
◾Recruit new clients, members, or employees
◾Enhance your firm’s image – “”
◾Take orders or obtain customer feedback online
◾Profile your firm’s abilities or key attributes online
◾Manage your company’s email
◾Allow your customers easy access to needed information
◾Act as a great support mechanism for your firm’s advertising efforts, listing your web address
◾Show a map of your location
◾List hours of operation
◾List telephone, fax, and email address
◾Better serve your customers
◾Secured areas for members or employees
◾Online video and audio messages
◾Online coupons and discounts
◾Use PayPal with ADD TO CART or BUY NOW buttons to sell products instantly

If you are in business to do business, you need a website with the Virtual Edge created by Ric Wallace!

How Can a Blog Site Help Your Business?

A blog can do everything a static website can do and more. Having a site created on the WordPress platform can make use of social media and search engines and be updated with news and postings of interest to customers or people with a shared interest. Once a blog site is set up, you the customer can add to and maintain the site, producing a cost savings.

A few of Ric Wallace‘s own blogs did over one million visitors and over 3.25 million page views for 2012. He also has regular visitors that have signed up for our email feed and get a daily email of new postings.


One blog caught the attention of TLC – The Learning Channel, a USA television network, and Ric Wallace was the first Canadians to be featured on one of their TV series. Every time the show re-airs a few times a year, our online orders from our sites spike, and we find money waiting for us in our email inbox. The show acts like an infomercial without costing us a cent. Just imagine the value of the air time, sometimes in prime time.