Digital Photography

Ric Wallace has over 40 years experience in the photographic market and was selling photographs in high school. You only have one chance to make a first impression. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not make it worth thousands of DOLLARS. A photo with IMPACT attracts attention and gets your products and/or services noticed and people talking.

With today’s highly competitive real estate market, you don’t want photographs that are underexposed, out of focus, incorrectly colour balanced, or depicting slanted buildings. Bad photos could mean the difference between selling a property or losing the sale to a house promoted effectively using photos with IMPACT. Ric does not do drive-by shootings like amateur photographers.

If you are interested in drive-by shots, don’t call Ric, call Uncle Bob. Ric considers our business a game we like to play, and we always play to WIN. His success depends on our customers’ success. For those who feel anyone can push a button on a camera and take a great picture, he disagrees and so do our customers. Ric has won many awards and have photographed estates worth anywhere from $1 million – $20+ million. His photos have appeared in newspapers, on websites, TV, postcards and souvenirs, annual reports, popular magazines, billboards and even on banners up to 10 feet x 30 feet.

Ric Wallace is fully digital and well-versed in various image and graphics programs. Conventional film photographers cannot compete with what he does.

He can also animate our photos as multimedia videos for website use.
◾Over 40 years photography & advertising experience with 20+ years in web design
◾Ideal for email, posters, newsletters
◾File sizes of 5184 x 3456 pixels, 24-bit colour
◾No dust or processing marks like conventional film
◾Easily transferred on to CD/DVD from laptop on location
◾Events, celebrations, parties
◾Insurance claims
◾Court claims
◾Collections & valuables
◾Real estate
◾He can transfer these on the Internet for you by email
◾Password protected FTP server for download available
◾Ideal for digital output or importing into various programs
◾No film or processing
◾Fast turn around
◾Retouching easily done
◾Use on websites
◾Products & services
◾Electronic catalogues
◾Items for sale
◾Screen savers

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