e – Brochures

Why would someone choose an e-Brochure over a website?

e-Brochures are affordable single page websites.

Major Benefits of e-Brochures:
◾Ideal for lower budgets – low renewal cost
◾No expense of domain registration, hosting, etc.
◾Fast turn-around to get your page on the Internet
◾No computer required by customer
◾Showcase and sell your products
◾Enhance your firm’s image
◾Profile your firm’s abilities or key attributes online
◾Web address to list for advertising
◾Show a map of your location
◾List hours of operation
◾List telephone, fax & email address
◾Better serve your customers
◾Can be converted into poster for advertising
◾Can be used with your own domain name

A single page e-Brochure is also an ideal investment, giving you an online presence. Your personal domain could point to our e-Brochure, saving you hosting costs. An e-Brochure could even be used while you take time to design a website. Having your contact information appear when someone types your domain adds to your image. An e-Brochure could be used to feature rental accommodations, sell a house by owner or agent, or any other product or service.