The Virtual Edge

What is “The Virtual Edge?”

Simply put “Your Unfair Advantage”

We offer website/blog design, photography, online video, digital imaging, photo retouching, graphics, banner design, promotion, writing, editing, PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

Your Unfair Advantage 
No matter what kind of business you have – big or small – you can get the unfair advantage we refer to as The Virtual Edge over competing businesses. Ric consider business a game and we play to WIN, in turn generating business for our clients. In business there are usually other companies wanting the same thing. Ric like to use the analogy of a sled dog team. There can only be one lead dog, as the other dogs are only following the lead. We like the lead dog view as he can see everything – the others are simply looking at dog BUTT.

Featured / Virtual Edge Customer: Moonstone Timber Frame
Moonstone Ontario, Canadamoonstone11

This site contains animations, video and an extensive photo gallery of projects by Moonstone Timber Frame, The current site has been modified a few times a year to feature new employees and new projects.

Although we made an initial trip to Moonstone, Ontario near the Barrie – Georgian Bay area, we have not seen the nice people at Moonstone Timber Frame in person since 2003. With the Internet, email and the telephone we are connected and make any changes or additions from anywhere in the world.

Ric Wallace has dealt with people 20 minutes away or a continent away simply by telephone and email. If you would like to meet for a coffee to discuss our services, we would be happy to oblige. He has done work for people throughout the USA – with many customers in California, Canada, UK, New Zealand and even down under in Australia.

Ric Wallace uses software from Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and many others which are compatible with what companies and offices use today.

He love jobs where he works with the client to produce the final website, PowerPoint, or design. We even offer tips on how you can save money by providing information to us in electronic form. The more you do, the more you can save $$$. If you are pressed for time and have a good budget, we can do all the work, getting approval as the work progresses.

What tools do you mostly use?
Our eyes, ears, brains, and artistic talent combined with technology to reach the goals we set. We prefer to deal with goal-oriented businesses and individuals. Our success is based on your success!

What makes Ric Wallace an expert?
His foundation is commercial photography and graphic design. Commercial photography’s main intent is to generate exposure and/or revenue for those who purchase it. Ric’s graphic design background has been through hands-on participation in various forms of advertising including newspaper and magazine work, as well as product catalogues. Printed advertising is composed of three elements: photographs, graphics, and text. Successful campaigns combine all these effectively. People think in pictures and photographs, graphics, and the use of colour to grab customers’ attention. The text or words help support the visuals.

Ric finds websites can outperform the three elements of printed pieces (photographs, graphics, and text). Websites often include photographs, graphics, and text; but can also include animation, sound, video, forms to collect information, and the ability to make changes with little to no expense. Use of the Internet connects you to the world instantly. Coupons can be listed on websites for download, costing the website owner nothing for ink and paper.


Where do you start when considering a website for a new business?
He defines where you are now and where you want to be with your business. He reviews your abilities, assets, products, services, business name, and market. We have had clients sometimes change their business name to better reflect what they do. We also try to see your way of thinking and occasionally change the way you see things.

Where do you start when considering redesigning a website for an existing business?
This task is like renovating an old house (been there – done that). You have to decide what goes, what stays, and what can be reworked. A website plan is like a blueprint and is a wise investment in order to focus on the job at hand. Next, the concept: colour, layout, and navigation structure have to be approved. Once this timely process is completed the rest just flies together. A good design will facilitate structural changes and possible additions. Most often quality photography can improve the overall look of the site. People are wowed on the Internet by photos and graphics. High quality photographs will make them spend some time on your site.

Why have you had many websites featured in the media – such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television?
If you create an interesting story, it attracts media attention. Ric likes to attract this kind of attention for his clients and usually buy out the newspapers from the corner store when we help a customer have success.